February 8, 2010

Sweet Friends Award

I received this award from both Karen and Laura. Thank you both. I was on vacation for 17 days and while I was playing catch up with everyones blogs I find this. What a wonderful way to get back into the swing of things. Anyway, I am supposed to list 10 things that makes me happy and then pass this on to 5 more Sweet Friends.

10 Things that makes me happy
1. My Hubby.
2. My 3 wonderful children.
3. Family & Friends
4. Home.
5. Traveling the world.
6. Health.
7. My Craft Room.
8. Photography.
9. Blogging.
10. Cooking.

Passing it on: Lets see, its to hard to pick just 5. So, since it looks like this has already went around I am going to pass it on to just 3 groups.

1. Stamps R us Group.
2. Glitterbees Group.
3. Sisterhood #29 Group.
There all so fun to look at

Thanks Everyone.


  1. Kellie, We have sooooo much in common...I love everything on your list except number 10....Ewwwww...I couldn't stand the heat so i got out of the kitchen...:0)

  2. Welcome back, Kellie! Hope you had a wonderful time on vacation... we missed you:)

  3. Welcome back!!!! Hope you had awesome vacation!

  4. Welcome home! I have been enjoying your posts while you were enjoying the sun and alot of fun I am sure!!!

  5. Welcome home! Hope you had a fabulous vacation!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Welcome home. Hope you had a fantastic vacation.

    M.E. - SBS29